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Movie Night šŸŽ¬.
Butterflies in my head.
Teach me how to only source the beauty of life. 
Teach me to transform from a fragile little crawler to one that soars over the still and mighty.
Dancing to the wind, uneasily captured..
With little worries of the time and man.
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Ajepomaa Gallery ( is a Ghanaian label by a young amazing designer. I had the pleasure of shooting for their new Zoti line which incorporates delicious prints in pastels and the perfect mix of fabrics and patterns.

African designers are really doing it. Iā€™m so proud!

Photographer: Marcus Hessenberg

MUA: Commes Chez soi

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It took me 45 minutes to think of this caption.. šŸŽ© Voilà Tout!
I never liked curly hair on me… But this will do for now.. šŸŽ©
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